Have you already chosen a wedding dress? Excellent!
It’s time to organise the manicure! What wedding nails perfectly complement the romantic look and what fit the minimalist dress? Sara Tomczyk advises!


Romantic look

Delicate, airy, girly, and at the same time very sensual creation is the dream of many brides. romantic wedding dresses can be found in a classic, A-shaped or empire style. their characteristic feature
is usually lace – decorating the entire dress or just a corset combined with a minimalist bottom. the lace motif is also worth using on nails – this subtle ornament will create a harmonious whole with the creation and will add to the charms of the hands. romantic look will also be perfectly complemented by delicate flowers painted on one or two nails. When planning a romantic manicure in a romantic style, choose subtle shades such as white, nude or light pink.


Modern minimalism

A simple wedding dress perfectly emphasizes feminine shapes and is eagerly chosen by elegant women who, in fashion, are guided by the principle of “less is more”. the perfect complement to the minimalist creation will of course be one-colored nails – you can vary it with a single geometric pattern. If you care about modern and fashionable decoration, put on negative space, or manicure with “clearances”. What is it about? Stylist painting her nails, she leaves an empty fragment, which only covers with a colorless varnish – it can take various shapes, geometric or fanciful. A perfect complement to the minimalist wedding dress will also be the popular babyboomer, in which a bright shade of pink goes harmoniously into white



Do you want to look like a nymph at your wedding? this means that you can perfectly find yourself in the style of boho! Light, impermeable creation is characterized by exceptional comfort and allows you to introduce a slightly looser atmosphere to the wedding celebration. This trend will perfectly fit into the outdoor wedding. A subtle hairstyle, flowers and toned make-up complement the wedding dress in the boho style, which requires jewelry to be kept to a minimum. Manicure should also look natural. Put on short nails painted with varnish in nude shade, very light pink or transparent. You can also try a delicate, floral or ethnic pattern by introducing a little bit of color, such a bronze or gold.