The changes taking place around us are an inseparable part of life. They appear in terms of fashion, lifestyle, interior design or motivation. They also apply to nail design. In almost every area of our lives there are newer and better solutions and interesting trends. Those who do not improve their skills and do not extend their competence, are left behind. In Studio by Sara we understand this perfectly and that is why we are constantly gaining new skills, also in 3D French nail art.


3D French Manicure – unique nail art technique

Colour, shape, and length of the nail are nowadays the basic elements that every stylist should pay attention to. Thanks to this, it is possible to perfectly match the nail design to the needs of clients, even the most demanding ones.

The nail art technique known as 3D French deserves special attention in the 2020 season. It provides a lot of inspiration, novelties, but it is certainly also very demanding one. Not every nail stylist can do it. Please see the effects:

Looking through photos of nails made in 3D French technique it is hard not to notice how much effort it takes. It is nothing but ART. And as we know, it requires not only talent but also imagination. Just like painting or sculpture, nail art is changing every year, which is best confirmed by the championships organized for the most talented stylists from around the world.


Studio by Sara on training with Anna Kuznetsova

The undoubted authority in the field of 3D French is Anna Kuznetsova. She created this technique of nail art about 2 years ago. She never wanted to keep the secret of the 3D French manicure just for herself, so she started to teach and reveal instructions to all nail stylists who want to develop their skills.

“Studio by Sara” also had the pleasure to take part in the training with Anna Kuznetsova from Russia. She taught us her phenomenal nail art and thus helped future masters to develop their wings. Step by step Anna introduced us to the secrets of 3D French and showed us a number of possibilities. See the results of these nail art workshops: