Discover the line of professional nail design products from Indigo! Gelastic is a new nail design and nail extension system developed by Indigo. Gelastic combines the advantages of different well-known working methods while offering so much more!


Explore the Gelastic cosmetics line 

Gelastic is a method dedicated to stylists who want to offer nail enhancing services but do not feel competent enough to create acrylic or gel nails. Gelastic products are also committed to those who want to run a modern nail salon that takes into account the needs and preferences of each client.

Gelastic guarantees full control over the product – it does not pour on the cuticle, does not flow down from the nail, is very plastic and hardens only after curing. Thanks to this, it is you who decide when the nail is ready, and you do not have to bother about the time!


What products do you find in the Gelastic series?

3 colours of Gelastic: 

  • Gelastic Clear – a fully transparent colour version of the product that will revolutionise the work of every nail artist. A new and comfortable method of nail extension and development, which eliminates problems such as dust, odour or pain during curing.
  • Gelastic Cover – Gelastic provides up to 90% coverage – it’s the densest product of all versions available in the Gelastic system by Indigo.
  • Gelastic Glass Pink – a product that will help you become a master of nail extensions. It sets only after curing, is pleasant to work with, leaves no dust or odour and allows you to create a transparent, slightly pink nail design.
  • Gelastic Milky – Gelastic in a milky pink colour provides coverage of about 30%. It allows you to achieve a subtle and delicate effect. It has a thick consistency, does not flood the cuticles and cures only in a lamp, so you can perfectly refine the manicure regardless of the level of sophistication.


Gelastic vs Acrylic – find the differences

The way acrylic works is related to ambient temperature. In the case of Gelastic, there is no such problem. The product acts the same in both cold and extremely warm conditions. Unlike acrylic, Gelastic does not emit irritating odour. Thanks to this feature, manicure treatment is much more pleasant and will surely please your customers.


Say STOP to painful curing – choose Gelastic!

When the customer comes to you with very damaged nails, e.g. after the previously failed stylization or with a bitten or broken epidermis, you can offer reconstruction using Gelastic. Why? Work with acrylic gel is associated with a low polymerization temperature. When applying even a thicker layer, the customer does not have to worry about painful curing or discomfort. Gelastic is the perfect solution for sensitive customers who do not decide to extend their nails because they do not like the burning feeling that is often found with traditional UV gels.


Nail extension more comfortable and quicker than ever with Gelastic by Indigo

Did you know that professional nail extension can take less than an hour? If your customer’s nails do not grow too much up or down, the Dual forms will be the perfect solution. With their use, stylization time can be reduced to a minimum. And what about those whose nails grow up or down? In this case, transparent forms will work best and will allow you to form the perfect nail shape. The Gelastic line is all you need to start your adventure with acrylic gel stylization.