Coco Chanel used to say that “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”. These words have a special meaning for women. Their natural beauty, delicately emphasized with appropriate accessories, including cosmetics, is a work of art and a way to express themselves! The “Studio by Sara” run by Sara Tomczyk in Magherafelt fits perfectly into this canon. It offers women a wide range of professional nail styling accessories of the renowned brand Indigo Nails.

Discover the world of Indigo nail polish with Sarah Tomczyk

Beautiful nails and hands are the business card of every woman. They add class and elegance to every gesture and emphasize femininity. To achieve such an effect, it is necessary to apply appropriate care treatments, use high-quality cosmetics and take care of a balanced diet. Then the WOW effect is guaranteed! Especially when we visit “Studio by Sara”, and among many available accessories for hand and nail care we, will choose a set ideally suited to our needs. Thanks to professional service and individual approach to each client, “Studio by Sara” enjoys appreciation among more and more women. Passion for nails, which became an inspiration to create a training centre and a shop signed with the name of its founder, Sarah Tomczyk, is the quintessence of taking care of women’s beauty.

“I have always dreamt of a job that would give me great satisfaction and a sense of fulfilment. I wanted to be able to combine passion with everyday duties. Working in “Indigo Nails UK By Sara” and running two online shops with nail accessories and cosmetics make every day of my work a dream come true” – explains studio owner, Sara.

Explore the offer “Studio by Sara”

The studio offers a wide range of nail accessories and cosmetics of the renowned company Indigo Nails, which can be purchased online as well as stationary. What is more, Sara Tomczyk, the owner of the studio, shares her passion with other women and trains them in nail design. This way, professional hand care can also be done in their own home!

As she says herself: “I take care of everything related to nails and make women’s hands look like a million dollars! I teach how to make gel and acrylic, sculpted extensions, electric file, gel polish, Russian manicure. I also offer courses in nail art that include sugar effects, mix media nail art, jewellery effect, one stroke flowers and much more. I hope that all my trainees will fall in love with the art of nail design as much as I do.

Indigo nails – discover entirely new possibilities of nail design

Indigo is a reputable brand famous for the highest quality nail polish and the most awarded instructors in the world. Indigo Nails instructors have repeatedly participated in nail design championships, including Nailympion in Rome and Nailympia in London. In all competitions, they won a total of 930 medals. Sara Tomczyk, the owner of “Indigo Nails UK By Sara”, is also a certified instructor of Indigo Nails brand.

The offer of Indigo Nails brand includes an impressive collection of nail polish with excellent consistency and exceptional durability. The best hit is the Instagram “Nailfluencer” line, whose face is the model Veronica Bielik, the spring-summer Santorini collection signed by Natalia Siwiec, the Glass Summer line – which allows to obtain the effect of colourful slides on the nails, the Glitter Collection full of glamour.

Founded in 2011, the Indigo Nails brand, thanks to the highest professionalism in recent years, has taken over the nail design market and conquered the hearts of women all over the world – it is already known in 24 countries around the world. “Studio by Sara” is pleased to represent the brand in the UK. Indigo Nails products are not only excellent quality but also a wide range of colours inspired by world-wide fashion that delight even the most demanding customers.

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