Viruton Extra 1L


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Viruton Extra 1L

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Viruton Extra 1L

Enzymatic concentrate for cleaning and disinfecting tools

Dosage – for 0.5% 5ml per 995 ml of water.

Concentration and duration of action – from 0.5% in 15 minutes

Benefits for the user
Guarantee of effectiveness and safety of use. High reduction of the risk of infection. Effectively removes dried organic dirt. Economical to use. Quick and convenient solution.

Viruton Extra is an efficient concentrate designed for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of surgical and rotational instruments. It contains an enzyme – protease, thanks to which it has very good cleaning properties. Effectively removes dried organic dirt. It is intended for manual disinfection of tools and disinfection in ultrasonic cleaners. The product has anti-corrosive properties and high material tolerance. It is recommended for disinfecting instruments made of stainless steel, nickel, copper, aluminum, rubber, porcelain, glass and plastic.

Spectrum of action
Bacteria (including MRSA) according to EN 14561, EN 13727, (high organic load): 0.5% – 15 min.

Mushrooms (C. albicans) according to EN 13624, EN 14562 (high organic load): 0.5% – 15 min.

Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. avium, M. terrae) according to EN 14348, EN 14563: 1% – 15 min .; 0.5% – 30 min.

Enveloped viruses (HBV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia, BVDV, Herpes simplex, influenza virus A, B, C, Ebola) according to EN 14476: 0.5% – 15 min.

Adeno virus according to EN 14476, 0.5% – 15 minutes, 0.5% – 30 minutes

Polio virus according to EN14476, 1% – 15 minutes, 0.5% – 30 minutes.

Prepare the concentrate solution for use by diluting with water in the correct proportion. The choice of concentration depends on the desired spectrum and duration of action. To obtain a 0.5% concentration, 5 ml concentrate should be dissolved in 995 ml water. Immerse the instruments in the solution immediately after use. All parts and holes must be completely filled with the solution. After disinfection, rinse and dry the instrument. The activity of an uncontaminated working solution is 14 days. For hygiene reasons, it is recommended to change the solution daily. Do not combine with other cleaning or disinfecting agents. The product is intended for use by a professional user.

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