Velox Foam Extra 1L


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Velox Foam Extra 1L

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Velox Foam Extra 1L

Aldehyde-free foam for cleaning and disinfecting equipment surfaces

Product features:
– Tested in accordance with new standards for disinfectants (EN 14885).

– Full microbicidal spectrum: bacteria, fungi, viruses in 30 seconds.

– Does not contain aldehydes and phenols.

– High material tolerance.

– Perfect washing effect, without discoloration and streaks

– A delicate, fresh fragrance.

– Preparation ready for use

Benefits for the user
– Guarantee of effectiveness and safety of use.

– Save time with high efficiency.

– Perfect washing effect, without discoloration and streaks.

– Can be used for many sensitive materials.

– Pleasure to use.

– Speed ​​and convenience of use.

Velox Foam Extra foam is recommended for disinfecting various surfaces of medical equipment made of glass, porcelain, metal, rubber, plastic and acrylic glass. It can be used in the intensive care unit and operating theater for disinfecting medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment, treatment chairs, incubators and lamps. Also suitable for cleaning and disinfecting dental impressions and dentures. It does not contain aldehydes and phosphates, thanks to which it does not discolor disinfected surfaces. It has a pleasant smell ..

Microbiological effectiveness:
Bacteria (including MRSA) according to EN14885, EN 1276, EN 13727: 1 min Fungi (C. albicans) according to EN 14885, EN 1650, EN 13624: 1 min. Tuberculosis buds (M. terrae) according to EN standards 14885, EN 14348: 5 min. Enveloped viruses (among others HBV, HCV, HDV, HIV, influenza type A, B, C, BVDV, Vaccinia) according to RKI / DVV standards) 1 min.

Spray the preparation on the surface from a distance of approx. 30 cm, ensuring that it is completely covered. The surface does not require rinsing with water, dries quickly without leaving streaks. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol (e.g. acrylic school).

100 g contains:

– 40 g propan-2-ol (CAS: 67-63-0)

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