Energizer – Protein Nail Polish 10Ml


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Classic Energizer Protein Nail Polish is a refreshing shade of red soda with a raspberry accent. Can we tempt you by a bit of madness in the classic edition?



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2 in stock

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The red classic nail polish Energizer will convince even the biggest lovers of vivid colours to pastel shades and will let you create a phenomenal, classic look that will catch the eye.
Energizer red classic nail polish properties:

  • Contains jojoba proteins
  • Unique pigmentation lets to achieve great coverage
  • Thanks to the optimal elasticity, it does not chip and provides durable and log-lasting manicure
  • Provides beautiful shiny finish
  • Creamy consistency provides great application
  • Works well with natural nail plate

Tips on how to apply Indigo classic nail polishes:

  • Before application, on the clean and dehydrated nail surface apply nail polish base to ensure the durability of the manicure, and not to mark nail with colour (you can use the universal Base & Top 2 in 1). Leave it to dry.
  • Apply the first, thin layer of nail polish and wait for it to dry.
  • When applying for the second layer, gently press the brush only as you drive under the cuticles. When applying the colour on the other part of the nail surface reduce the brush pressure.
  • When the second layer is dry, apply a shiny top coat. Leave it to dry and… it’s ready!
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