Dried Flowers Pink

Dried Flowers Pink


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  • Color: pink
  • Tint: pink
  • Texture: dried flowers
  • Application: nail art styling
  • Application on: Construction nails, over wet gel/effect base coat or Wet Look, for Fantasy French, for creating decorative design elements


  • can be applied to a part of the nail or the entire surface, great for Fantasy French

2 in stock

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Formula under top coat:

  1. Do any nail design (hybrid, gel, acrylic, acrylic-gel).
  2. Before applying the gel top coat, cover the nail with a thin layer of Effect Base or Protein Base and apply the chosen colour of Dried Flowers over it to create any pattern.
  3. Cure the base together with the effect in a Multiled lamp for 30 seconds.
  4. Secure finishes with Top Coat – Wet Look works best. Apply 1 thick layer and cure for 60 seconds in Multiled or two thinner layers, cured for 30 seconds each.
  5. Wait a moment after removing the top coat from the lamp and carefully remove the sticky layer with a cotton swab soaked in Shea Supershine Cleaner.


     Styling with sunken effect


  1. Start by washing your hands and disinfecting them (your own and your client’s).
  2. Remove cuticles with a cutter or chopstick and work on them with your chosen cutter, e.g. Cuticle 9.
  3. Prepare the natural cuticle with a 180-grit file, wipe with Cleaner 1 and apply the appropriate primer.
  4. Using a brush, rub Protein Base onto the tile and place in a multilight for 30 seconds.
  5. Apply your chosen stencil and build up the skeleton with your chosen builder gel and cure for 30 seconds in the lamp.
  6. Spread a thin layer of gel over the nail and the skeleton and do not cure.
  7. Place Dried Flowers on top of the wet gel.
  8. Cure the gel together with the pearls in a Multiled lamp for 30 seconds.
  9. Remove the stencil and apply a larger portion of gel, such as Self Leveling Clear 120, to maintain the correct nail structure.
  10. Cure in the Multiled lamp depending on thickness for 30-60 seconds.
  11. Work the nail shape with a 100/180 gradation file.
  12. Clean off dust with a brush, clean with Wipe Off Cleaner and coat with any Top Coat such as Tip Top and cure in a Multiled lamp for 30 seconds.




When styling, don’t apply the effect right next to the cuticles, this will avoid the caked on effect and create a smoother and thinner material finish around the cuticles.


Colour and size of nail decorations may vary depending on the production batch.

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