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Your bathroom needs a supply of hand cream! Pick a cosmetic which will not only moisturise your hands and envelop you with beautiful Bella Vita! Economic, 300 ml volume bottle will allow you to enjoy hand cream longer.



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7 in stock

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Bella Vita is a scent created for a modern woman who is strong, independent, yet sensitive. Carefully chosen notes of lemon, orange and bergamot are woven with the aroma of thyme and basil. This refined scent is a synonym of luxury and timeless elegance. It shows a joy of life. You can be sure that it will work on others like a magnet, they won’t be able to resist!

The unique formula of scented hand creams is based on nourishing properties of carefully chosen ingredients, which take care of look and condition of your skin. Try for yourself the amazing power of ingredients like D-panthenol, shea butter and sunflower oil. Let them caress your hands and make your skin extra soft!

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