Perfumed Argan Oil in a comfortable spray bottle form is must have not only in your bathroom but also in the travel backpack. You can take care of your skin or hair and enjoy the amazing long lasting scent at the same time.

Extraordinary, fruity scent of Arôme 99 is perfect for summer time. Uplifting notes of oranges, nectarines, mango, raspberries and sandalwood will relax and make you smile. If you’re looking for fresh and original perfume scent contained in a nourishing product, Arôme 99 Argan Oil is perfect for you!

The inimitable formula of these Indigo Argan Oils is based on benign features of natural ingredients. Check out for yourself what power hides in argan and almond oils. Let them work on your skin and hair condition every day, making them beautiful and nourished.
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Capacity: 100 ml
Fragrance: Arôme 99