Olala Gel Polish 7Ml


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Olala Gel Polish



Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.

* The various changes to the monitor settings the colour of gel polish presented on the photos might be slightly different than in reality.

2 in stock

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Olala Gel Polish

Lovely shade of a light purple from a Gel Polish collection by Natalia Siwiec is a perfect product for creating subtle, beautiful nails at any time of the year
Fell in love at the first sight with a sweet, pastel shade of purple.
Create a magic ombre by combining it with stronger colours but or enjoy a delicate design in the most fashionable colour of the season.
Forget about a white base coat – Gel Polish collection by Natalia Siwiec ensures a perfect coverage with two layers!
Gel Polish Collection by Natalia Siwiec you have to protect with gel polish Top Coat Pro White to enhance pastel colour and emphasise its freshness.


While applying the colour on nails, you have to use your brush very delicately, so you won’t rub the pigment.

  • Beautiful colours
  • Amazing adherence properties
  • Semi-thick consistency – no streaks and product on the cuticles
  • Safe
  • No chipping
  • Easy application – perfect gel polish manicure
  • Fast curing (20 seconds)
  • Perfect for ornamenting
  • Perfect for nail effect application such as Mermaid Effect, Holo and Metal Manix
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