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The neutral pink shade of the Sophisticated Mineral Base perfectly fits the requirements of nudes fans. It’s a 3in1 formula that combines base, colour and topcoat. This makes it possible for a nude styling to be done in just 30 minutes. Coverage at around 92% will make the regrowth much less visible. Bet on the extraordinary effect of the best-selling Mineral Base and charm your clients with beautiful and express nail styling.



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6 in stock

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Sophisticated Mineral Base is a 3-in-1 multitasking product that will change the work in your salon. In a short time, it lets you to create a complete, phenomenal nail styling that will surely delight your customers

Mineral Base properties – Sophisticated

  • Thanks to the 3in1 formula, it can be used as a base, colour and topcoat.
  • It allows you to reduce the time of styling to 30 minutes.
  • It provides coverage of around 92% with only two layers.
  • Enables fixing patches and gently extending the natural nail plate (behind the tip).
  • Allows you to build up an ideal C-curve.
  • Medium-thick consistency facilitates application – it does not flood the cuticles.
  • Can be used as a finish to gel polish and gel stylings.
  • Works great as a base for pastels, nude shades, ombre styling, baby boomer and quick nail art designs.

Tips on how to use Mineral Base

  • The curing time for the Mineral Base is about 30-60 seconds.
  • The second, slightly thicker layer, which is to build up the C-curve, requires longer curing in the lamp (approx. 1 min). A similar process should be followed for nail extensions.
  • To preserve the gloss of the last layer of styling, after curing the base, wait about 1 minute for it to cool down. Only then do we remove the dispersion layer with a Cleaner.
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