Drama Queen Key Ring


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You thought nothing can surprise you yet? How about a key ring in the shape and SCENT of the Drama Queen body lotion? This little gadget will make your keys draw attention, and you’ll quickly find them anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is follow the scent of Drama Queen. Say goodbye to boring key rings – welcome to the Queen of KEY trinkets.



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7 in stock

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The Drama Queen key ring is an elegant accessory that pleases not only the sense of sight, but also smell. The pleasant fragrance makes this key ring stand out in the crowd, and you will undoubtedly get praise from enthusiasts of original gadgets. And the fragrance … a sweet mix of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and fruit. Smell the peach, raspberry, pear, blackcurrant and lily of the valley. Simply a fairy tale!

Key ring Drama Queen is a gadget made from a special material that guarantees long-lasting fragrance release. In addition to its functionality, it’s also distinguished by its beautiful look. This gadget both from the front and the back has an engraving reminiscent of the label from the Drama Queen body lotion.

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