Color Mixing Box with Tray


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Case for mixing colours with a palette – a practical metal case (28 x 8 x 3 cm) where you can safely store all brushes and nail design accessories.



Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.

Out of stock


The case contains a magnetic mixing palette (11 x 7 x 0.4 cm). It is used to prepare and mix products such as nail polishes, mousses or gels before application. It is made of damage-resistant material, from which you can easily remove any product residue after use.

The case for mixing colours with a palette will help you to organize your work and control even the biggest, creative chaos. The accessories are made of damage-resistant and easy to clean materials. They just have to be yours!

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