Colour Chart Springsecco


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With the colour chart for you to paint on your own you will quickly and effectively present the colours of the latest Springsecco collection. Forget about opening all the bottles – keep their liquid secret at hand and be ready to charm your customers with the colours of spring at any time!



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24 in stock

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  • Girls Wanna Have Glam
  • Pink Bling
  • Boom Shakalaka
  • Springsecco
  • Diamentica
  • Materialista
  • Tina Platina
  • Cold Gold
  • Lux Torpeda

Our oval colour chart includes twenty transparent tips. Nine of them – with names – should present individual colours. Use the remaining eleven for decorations you will prepare with Springsecco.


  • The labelled transparent colour chart is aesthetic and neat.
  • It allows you to comfortably paint all the Springsecco colours by yourself.
  • It gives you a chance to present additional decorations.
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