Color Chart Display Lipstick 4 You, Lipstick 3.0, Lipstick Summer, Lipstick


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All superfeminine colours of the four Lipstick Collections on one colour chart? Voila! Present your customers 19 shades matched to different makeup trends and beauty types in a unique way, and the ideas for new nail looks will come to your mind immediately!




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16 in stock

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The Lipstick colour chart is designed to be self-painted. Don’t forget to present all the shades of the four Lipstick Collections on it:

  • Lipstick 4 You
    • Dama Gel Polish
    • Offerma Gel Polish
    • Parodia Gel Polish
    • La Tortura Gel Polish
  • Lipstick 3.0
    • Oh Boy Gel Polish
    • Furia Gel Polish
    • Pruderia Gel Polish
    • Lady Kung Fu Gel Polish
    • Alibi Gel Polish
  • Lipstick Summer
    • Lilu Gel Polish
    • Mimosa Gel Polish
    • Ugly Betty Gel Polish
    • Babylicious Gel Polish
  • Lipstick
    • Aria Gel Polish
    • Athena Gel Polish
    • Triumph Gel Polish
    • Romantica Gel Polish
    • Adelaida Gel Polish
    • La Histeria Gel Polish

Colour chart dimensions: 13x11x0.5 cm
Colour: milky
Number of tips to be painted: 20.

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