Blues and turquoises ore one of the most summery shades – they are associated with the cloudless sky and swimming in the sea. No wonder they were used to design a bracelet with the name that brings to mind a paradise beach – Florida Dreams. This typical summer accessory will create a summer vibe in the middle of a busy city! It’ll look amazing in a combination with other bracelets from Indigo like Coconut Milk. It can match the colour you already have on the nails – not only Florida Dream but also other shades of blue and turquoise.

Beads are made our of etched agate 8mm in diameter, dyed. Tassel in the turquoise shade with gold pendant adds an ethnic touch. You can wear it to classic and sporty outfits and to boho style clothes. This is a necessary addition to the vacations but also during the seasons when summer is just a distant memory.