Princess The King Of Bling

Princess The King Of Bling


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Be a part of a fairy tale in which a fragile princess transforms into a true master of bling. Princess The King Of Bling are turquoise and pink particles that will make your dream of a sophisticated manicure come true. Play with them creating princess nails, use them for fantasy French and intricate ornaments. You can successfully encapsulate the decorations in uncured hard gel or apply them to a sticky layer and immediately show off your royal craftsmanship!

Indigo Nails product lines are for professional use only and are to be used for the purpose intended by a qualified and insured person of adult age. This means Indigo Nails will accept no responsibility if the products are incorrectly used and cause any harm or damage.

4 in stock

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Consistency: powder product

Colour: turquoise-pink

Shade: turquoise-pink

Application: nail effects

Application for: construction nails, dispersion product, creating stones on nails, immersing in wet layer

Weight: 3g



  • Easily embed in an uncured product.
  • Shapes of various sizes ensure a delightful end result.
  • The particles add shine to the nails.
  • Multicoloured particles will highlight both subtle and more vivid designs.



  • Apply particles with a brush, ombre brush or even a cuticle pusher on the first, uncured layer (for example, Easy Shape Milky Pink).
  • Cure the nail for 60 seconds in the MultiLed lamp.
  • Apply more gel to the nail and build its shape.
  • Cure again applied gel in the lamp for 60 seconds.
  • Remove the sticky layer with a lint-free cotton pad soaked in Cleaner Wipe Off.
  • Work out the shape of the nail with a file.
  • Apply a thin layer of the top coat (Wet Look * or Tip Top will be perfect) and cure again in the lamp for about 30-60 seconds.
  • Wait 1 minute after removing the hand from the lamp. If you choose a top coat with a sticky layer, remove it with a lint-free cotton pad soaked with Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner.


* The design shall be secured with two thin layers of Wet Look. Remember that each of them requires curing a lamp.

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