Electro Princess Miss Volt

Electro Princess Miss Volt


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  • The ornaments glow in the dark.
  • Decorations blend perfectly into the first, uncured layer of hard gel.
  • Particles of different sizes are arranged on the nails in an irregular way, creating unique compositions on the nails.
  • Perfect for decorations such as Fantasy French or classic Princess Nails.

5 in stock

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Under top coat styling:

  1. Create any design (gel polish, gel, acrylic, acrylic gel).
  2. Before applying a gel top coat, cover the nail with a thin layer of Effect Base or Protein Base and apply the selected Princess effect on it, arranging it into a pattern.
  3. Cure the base together with the effect in the lamp for 30 seconds.
  4. Secure the particles with a top coat – Wet Look works best. Apply 1 thicker layer and cure for 60 seconds in the MultiLed lamp or two thinner layers, curing each for 30 seconds.
  5. Wait a moment after removing the hand from the lamp before carefully removing the sticky layer with a cotton pad soaked in the Shea Supershine Effect cleaner.


Princess Design:

  1. Start by washing and disinfecting the hands (yours and the client’s).
  2. Push the cuticles up with a cuticle pusher or a stick and tidy them up with a selected e-file bit; for example the Cuticle no.9 bit.
  3. Prepare the natural nail plate with a 180 grit file, degrease it with Cleaner No. 1 and apply an appropriate primer.
  4. Rub the Protein Base into the nail plate with a brush and cure for 30 seconds in the MultiLed lamp.
  5. Put on the template and build a base structure using a selected gel, e.g. Self Leveling Porcelain 110 and cure it for 30 seconds in the lamp.
  6. Spread a thin layer of gel across the nail and the base structure but do not cure.
  7. Apply the selected Princess effect onto the wet gel in such a way that its amount concentrates around the cuticles and gradually disappears approximately half way down the natural nail.
  8. Cure the gel with particles in the MultiLed lamp for 30 seconds.
  9. Remove the template and, applying a larger portion of gel, spread it on the bottom of the nail in such a way as to cover only up to the lower border of the particles shading the gel in this area. Remember to keep the correct structure of the nail.
  10. Cure in the MultiLed lamp for 30 to 60 seconds – depending on the thickness of the layer.
  11. Cover the effect particles and build the rest of the nail around the cuticles with a transparent gel, e.g. Self Leveling Clear 120 and cure it in the MultiLed lamp for 30 seconds.
  12. Finalise the shape of the nail using a 100/180 grit file.
  13. Clean the nail with a soft brush and the Wipe Off cleaner, then cover with any Top Coat, e.g. Tip Top and cure in the MultiLed lamp for 30 seconds.


Pro tips:

  1. When styling Princess Nails, place only smaller particles right next to the cuticles – this way you will avoid air pockets and ensure a smoother and thinner finish around the cuticles.
  2. If you are doing a sparkly design using acrylic, you can mix the particles with a transparent acrylic in a separate jar. This will speed up the time of application of the effect onto the nail.
  3. If you are doing a sparkly design using a gel, you can mix the particles with a transparent gel in a separate jar. This will speed up the time of application of the effect onto the nail.
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