The pinching tool is a necessary product in any nail salon. It pinches the enhanced nail and helps in creating a perfect tunnel. Makes working in acrylic and gel method very easy and makes the enhanced nails look slim and beautiful.
Indigo pinching tool is made out of high-quality materials which guarantee longevity and that’s easy to clean, disinfect and sterilise.
The most common mistakes that lead to rusty tools:
– the wrong sterilising process or disinfecting the tools in a wrong way
– soaking the tools in disinfecting solution for too long
– using the wrong disinfecting or cleaning solutions
– the wrong concentration of disinfecting and cleaning solutions
– using “freshly” prepared disinfecting solutions for a couple of times
– wrong time of sterilisation
– using tap water in the autoclave
– dirty water in the autoclave
– storing tools in a wrong way