Short Nail Forms – 200 Pcs

Short Nail Forms – 200 Pcs


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Rigid aluminium forms perfect for short salon extensions. A properly cut shape enables to adjust it to each nail plate, and the strong glue ensures the form does not move during work, and the created tunnel is perfect.

Short forms are tailored to the needs of beginners but will also be appreciated by more experienced nail techs. At the same time, they’re convenient for customers – due to their short length, it’s more challenging to hook the lamp. The forms are adapted to work with any product, including a gel polish.




Indigo Nails product lines are for professional use only and are to be used for the purpose intended by a qualified and insured person of adult age. This means Indigo Nails will accept no responsibility if the products are incorrectly used and cause any harm or damage.

2 in stock

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● rigid, which enables comfortable work

● perfect for short salon extensions

● strong adhesive

● lines facilitating precise extensions

Application tips

1. Prep a nail plate by matting it and working on the cuticles

2. Place the form, so it fits perfectly under the nail. If necessary, trim it at the edges

3. Apply the selected base

4. Make an extension with the selected product and method suitable

5. File the shape with a 100/180 file

6. Smooth the surface using a polisher of 100/180 or 180/220 grit

7. Dust off and wipe with Wipe Off Cleaner

8. Apply the selected top coat and cure it in the lamp

9. If the selected top coat has left a dispersion layer, remove it with Shea Super Shine Effect cleaner

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