Professional Nail Drill Bits

Any person who loves taking care of their nails knows how important is the shape of their natural nails. Even if you use the best colours and designs, if the shape of your nails isn’t immaculate, you’ll nails won’t be as attractive as you wish them to be.

This is why we at Indigo Nails have stacked up on the best nail drills in the UK. They are one of the primary tools you can use to shape your natural nails to your heart’s desire. Whether you want a pointy or a round shape, you can easily achieve it with the high-quality nail drills we offer.

Nail Drill Bits FAQ Section

What Do You Use a Nail Drill for?

Contrary to popular belief, nail drills are actually an essential tool that serves multiple purposes depending on the type of nail drill. Some of its most prominent uses include the following:

  • Removing shine from the surfer and the side of the nails.
  • Filing away residual gel or cuticles when they’re hard to reach and deal with, with other tools.
  • Help remove dead skin surrounding your nails.
  • For making your nails look shiny.

Can You Use a Nail File Instead of a Drill?

Although nail files perform some of the functions of drill bits, they are an imperfect replacement that often gives you subpar results. So, in the case of having no other choice, you can use a nail file to get the job done.  But if you want excellent nail care and truly excellent results, there’s no replacement for nail drill bits.

Does a Nail Drill Damage Nails?

No, it is very rare for nail drills to damage the nails. If you buy high-quality products, the nail drill bits should be designed specifically with safety in mind. So, you should be able to use them without much worry.

That being said, like every other nail care tool and accessory, if you don’t know how to use them, there’s a real possibility of damaging your nails. This is why we offer training courses here at Indigo Nails.

Can You Use Nail Drills on Natural Nails?

Yes, you can use nail drills on your natural nails, but this endorsement comes with some caveats:

  • Natural nails, unsurprisingly, are far more sensitive than fake nails, so the techniques and methods you use when using nail drills on fake nails can’t be replicated on natural nails.
  • Natural nails are more susceptible to damage, so if you want to use specific types of nail drills on them, you need to have training and experience.
  • Not all nail drills bits are created equal. Some types are more suitable for natural nails than others.

Why Do My Dip Nails Look Bumpy?

There are two main reasons for a bumpy look when using dip nail powder:

  1. The dip nail powder you’re using is low quality, and it just isn’t capable of forming a uniform structure on your nails.
  2. The dip nail powder you’re using is getting old: humidity has seeped in, has become lumpy, or a variety of other issues that nail powders suffer from with time.

In both cases, you can effectively use nail drill bits to even out the bumpy areas and give a shiny, uniform look to your nails.

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