Decorating nails is an art that requires precision, great imagination and experience. Considering the size of the nail plate and the number of possible corrections during decoration, we begin to understand how important it is to choose the right brushes. It is very important to match the right type and size of the brush to the decoration technique. This will not only help us to work more effectively but also the nail artwork will be perfected in every detail. Below you will find the differences between the individual nail brushes and explain what they are used for.

Brushes for professionals and more

One of the most popular nail art brushes that stylists are keen to use are Master Nail Art from Indigo. They are very thin models and therefore, precise. They are ideal for many techniques. Among the most popular are micro painting, sugar effect, pop art or creating nail jewellery. These brushes have very precisely cut bristles (every tenth of a millimetre), which do not split up and are perfectly applied on the nail. This makes nail painting, even tiny patterns, realistic.

Indigo offers three types of these brushes:

  1. Number 002 – the smallest brush has synthetic bristles of 4 mm. It is recommended for painting thin, precise lines and creating details. 
  2. Number 003 – has natural 6 mm long bristles, which are suitable for decorating with acrylic paints and watercolours.
  3. Number 004 – it’s 6 mm long synthetic bristles are ideal for gels and hybrids.

Besides, brushes with the numbers 003 and 004 are also perfect for painting small patterns, lettering or making ornaments. Moreover, Master Nail Art brushes have very elegant packaging with a cap, thanks to which the bristles are protected from damage.

One Stroke – paint with one brush stroke

One Stroke brushes are also a must for nail stylists. They are used for the so-called one-stroke method, which was taken from painting. Thanks to these brushes, painting different patterns (flowers, leaves or butterflies) is much more comfortable. Synthetic bristles in these brushes are arranged flat and can be of different lengths as well as cut. Thanks to this, it is possible to evenly distribute acrylic paints or perform shading. One Stoke I is a brush with short, straight bristles of 5 mm. One Stoke II and III, on the other hand, have bristles bevelled 5mm and 6mm long and 4mm wide. Thanks to the ergonomically profiled handle, the decoration brushes guarantee incredible comfort. They do not slip out of your hand even after a long work.

Aquarelle – watercolour brushes

The nail stylist’s brush collection must also include models for watercolour decorations. They are characterized by round, precisely finished and slightly longer bristles, which work well in watercolour and allow you to paint even the most complicated drawings. Thanks to the unique hair arrangement, it is possible to make various types of decorations, also based on details.

Dotter Tool – your right hand

The Dotter Tool is also handy when decorating nails. It helps you to select a product and create many decorations. It is also great for collecting Swarovski crystals, jets and studs. With the Dotter Tool, the work of a nail stylist is much simpler and more precise. It is a necessary tool for you too!