New for summer 2020 – Fluomania hybrid nail polish collection from Indigo

In Indigo’s summer offer, there were as many as 11 expressive and energetic hybrid nail polishes. The new collection is called Fluomania and has already won the hearts of those who like to go crazy during their holidays! Explore all the colours from the Fluomania series and choose your favourite!



The Fluomania nail polish collection from Indigo

The Fluomania Hybrid Nail Polishes Collection contains 11 distinctive, energetic shades that will make you dizzy. The juicy neon colours perfectly match the hottest nail trends, which are dominated by rainbow-coloured, multi-coloured decorations and crazy patterns inspired by street fashion, graffiti and the world of comics. Among Fluomania nail polish shades, each of you will find something for yourself.  If you like to go crazy and emphasize your feisty character with a brave manicure, choose vivid colours. For lovers of classics, we recommend more subdued shades, as well as highlighting and accentuating one of the nails with the energetic Fluomania nail polish from Indigo.

What colours are available in the new Fluomania series?

  • Pani Mani Gel Polish
    Pani Mani is a gel nail polish in a light and vivid shade of violet. Manicure in this version will give you a neon glow.
  • Very Different Gel Polish
    Nail polish called Very Different has a dark neon violet shade. The colour is expressive and intriguing – it will surely distinguish you in the crowd.
  • Madwoman Gel Polish
    Madwoman is a dark, neon pink with a hint of violet. This nail polish will add predatory character to every manicure.
  • Neonek Gel Polish
    Neonek is a yellow gel nail polish with a lively, cool shade. It refreshes the manicure and adds a sunny glow.
  • Ave Neon Gel Polish
    Ave Neon nail polish is a light, juicy shade of orange. This neon manicure is perfection and must-have this season!
  • Dynamite Gel Polish
    Dynamite nail polish is an energetic mixture of orange and coral neon. Manicure with this colour is a real explosion of madness!
  • Red Fred Gel Polish
    Gel nail polish Red Fred is a raspberry red tint. An ideal choice for those women who want to add more shine to the classic red manicure.
  • Lovelas Gel Polish
    Lovelas nail polish is a coral shade of pink, which is hard to resist. It will perfectly emphasize your summer tan!
  • Neonidas Gel Polish
    Neonidas is an energetic, neon blue shade from the new Fluomania collection. It will undoubtedly bring every manicure to life and highlight your femininity.
  • La Bamba Gel Polish
    The energetic, joyful and sweet pink gel nail polish of La Bamba is certainly the right choice for the holidays. How do you like it?



All the Fluomania nail polish are amazing in the solo version as well as in combination with other ones. With them all, you will create an extraordinary nail looks. They have a creamy texture, excellent pigmentation (full coverage with two layers of the product) and guarantee easy application (no streaks and flooded cuticles). Welcome to the Indigo Nails Studio by Sara online shop, where the entire collection of Fluomania gel nail polishes awaits you!