Championships and nail design competitions are becoming more and more popular. They are attended by both experienced stylists and amateurs. Thanks to this, they have the opportunity not only to present their skills but also to develop their creativity and acquire new skills. Based on what can be seen there, new, unique and passionate ideas are created. Nails become real works of art, and the possibility of decorating them is a creative process that occurs in the mind of the stylist

Who can take part in the nail design competition?

All over the world, there are various nail design championships in which you can take part. This type of competition is usually open to all who confirm their willingness to participate in it. Sometimes there are eliminations to the championships to select the best. For example, in competitions at the national level, candidates for the European and World Championships are chosen. However, this happens rarely and only in high-ranking international competitions. For each event of this type, different evaluation criteria may be applied by the organizer. Therefore, it is worth to read the regulations before proceeding carefully.

Why is it worth taking part in the nail art championship?

Championships in nail design attract enthusiasts of this profession. It is an excellent opportunity to present your skills, experience and ideas. That’s not all. During such competitions, you can also meet interesting people and look at their work. Competitions in nail design are also an opportunity to verify your own skills – to improve shortcomings, learn about new techniques or industry news.

If it turns out that you are really good at what you do, you have a chance to win! Such an award motivates and encourages for further education. Winning the champion title also attracts customers. The certainty that they are in good and experienced hands encourages them to arrange appointments. In this way, the effort put into learning nail styling is rewarded additionally.

Sara Tomczyk, owner of Studio by Sara, also participates in nail design competitions. In her professional career, she has already won several valuable awards. Among them were:

  • 1st place – One stroke Box, 2018,
  • 2nd place – Stiletto Photography, 2018,
  • 3rd place – Mix Media Box, 2018,
  • 2nd place – Mix Media Box, 2019.

Visit the Studio by Sara and learn the real skills of a nail stylist!

Our studio offers a wide range of nail and cosmetic accessories from the renowned company Indigo Nails, which can be purchased both online and in a stationery store. The owner of the studio, Sara Tomczyk, is also eager to share her passion with other women. Why don’t you also take part in her nail design training and then take part in the championship? After all, making your dreams come true is very important!