Manufacturers offer us many types of lamps for a hybrid manicure – with different power, sizes, types of bulbs, and working time. What parameters should be taken into account when choosing a lamp? You will read about this in this article.


The best professional LED lamp for the beauty salon

Hybrid manicure is one of the most frequently performed nail treatments. Almost every beauty salon has it in its offer. Many fans of well-groomed hands perform the hybrid also on their own, at home. In both cases, it is necessary to buy equipment – including lamps for hybrid nail polish. If you are thinking about choosing the best lamp, it is necessary to know the factors to pay attention to.


Which hybrid lamp should you choose?

There are many manicure lamps on the market. When choosing a lamp that will serve you practically every two weeks, it is worth choosing the one that has: long life, has a guarantee and has enough power to cure all products that are in your cases.


Which hybrid lamp is the best?

There is no obvious answer to this question. We recommend buying lamps from proven brands that have thousands of customers. This guarantees that the lamps are used both at home and in beauty salons. As mentioned above, the best hybrid lamp is above all a lamp that quickly cures all your products.

One such product is the MULTILED Indigo Box lamp. This lamp has 18 diodes that emit a safe and harmless white light. It is also equipped with four-time settings: 30 s, 60 s, 90 s and additional SOFT mode. Thanks to a double-sided display, curing time can be overseen by both: Client and Stylist. The lamp is also equipped with a motion sensor, which activates immediately after placing your hand in the lamp. The removable magnetic plate allows to perform both manicure and pedicure and helps to keep the device clean. Its small dimensions and minimalist design make it an ideal lamp for any interior of a nail salon.


Will the hybrid varnish dry without a UV lamp?

No, hybrid varnishes, unlike classic varnishes, are characterized by very long durability – up to 21 days. Due to the fact that they do not dry out when they come into contact with air – they require curing in UV or UV / LED lamps. The UV light in the lamp causes the mers to bind to polymers that ensure the durability of the varnish. There is a change from liquid to hard. This process is called polymerization.


What is the power of the hybrid lamp?

On the market you can find lamps with power: 9W, 24W, 36W and 48/24W. Choosing a lamp power should be guided by its use. If it will be used mainly at home, then 9W or 24W is sufficient. In the case of continuous work in a beauty salon, on different types of products (hybrids, but also gels), it is worth choosing a lamp with a power of at least 36W or more.



Which hybrid lamp is better UV or led?

When choosing a lamp, we must answer the fundamental question: is the lamp to be used professionally or only a few times a month? Lamp power, which differs in case of UV and LED lamps, affects the curing time of hybrid varnishes. In the case of base colours, the curing time of a 36W UV lamp can be as long as 2 minutes, while a similarly powerful LED lamp needs only 20 seconds. With a large number of cosmetic treatments, this is crucial. The advantage of LED lamps is also their lifetime. In the case of UV bulbs, it is necessary to replace them periodically – even every 3 months if the lamp is used daily or every 6-12 months if it is used occasionally. The average life of UV bulbs is 400 to 500 hours. The advantage of UV lamps is their versatility. They cure any kind of hybrid and gel polish, which is not always possible with LED lamps, especially with lower power.

To sum up, the choice of a lamp should always be adjusted to the nature of our work or its planned use. A well-known brand such as Indigo is undoubtedly worthy of mention, as it is well known in the market.