Nail design trends change frequently. With the change of seasons, a new collection of nail polishes or fashion trends. Today a woman’s manicure is a real work of art. It amazes with colours, form and decorations. However, among these nail design trends, there are some classic solutions which are fashionable despite the passage of time. Among them is the French manicure. Why is the French manicure timeless and what kind of styling it fits in? You can read about this in our article.

Why is french so popular?

The French manicure is an absolute classic in the world of nail design. Its popularity is due to its neutral character and at the same time extremely chic form. In it, your nails will look natural and fresh – as long as the manicure is done with the necessary care and attention.

The french manicure fits almost every style. Its natural, bright colours look great for everyday styling as well as for special occasions. The brides love it too! The gently accentuated white nail tips match the white dresses wonderfully. 

To add even more elegance to the French manicure, you can complement the styling with Swarovski crystals or zirconia. The effect will be amazing! Classic simplicity, combined with a glowing accent that adds chic to the palms.

French manicure – classic and a bit bolder

French manicure looks great on every nail plate – oval, tonsil and square. It adds elegance and class to long, medium and short nails. You can approach the french manicure in different ways – by choosing its classic version with a light base and white rim. You can also go crazy and experiment with colours. This manicure looks just as impressive when you combine it with the decorations.

Indigo products for the french manicure

As the interest in the french manicure among women has not passed, Indigo’s offer must also include nail polishes to make this beautiful manicure. French White Gel is a nail polish that will make your stylization very easy and at the same time full of feminine charm. It has smooth, fluid consistency, is perfect for ornamenting, and it dries out very quickly! To the set, we recommend the French Pink Gel nail polish. The cold shade of pink is a guarantee of gorgeous nail stylization. Choose it to make perfect nail effects such as Mermaid Effect, Holo and Metal Manix. 

To give a shine and charm to your french manicure, check out our offer of Swarovski crystals! These diamond-shimmering nail design elements are just great! You can apply them to only one of your nails, or more – especially for a special occasion like a wedding or party. Different shapes and colours of the crystals will make it easy to choose them according to your taste and preferences.

Remember that making a french manicure requires precision and experience. Each line must be perfectly polished – then you can be sure that your hands will look really elegant. So, if you lack skills, go to the beauty salon for a french manicure! The hybrid version will decorate your hands for a long time and make you look dazzling.