Jungle nails – fashionable and striking decorations

Looking for an idea for a remarkable nail design? Do you want your hands to look elegant and at the same time slightly predatory? Be sure to discover the jungle artwork, which has already won the hearts of many manicure lovers around the world. Now your nails can also look great!

Jungle manicure – what do you need to know about it?

Exotic nail designs are a real hit this season. Colourful, full of fantasy patterns inspired by wild nature and very diverse – this is what jungle style nails look like. To put it merely, nail art trends decorations inspired by jungle, are nails whose appearance is inspired by everything that is associated with the exoticism. You can put any animal motif on your nails: 

  • snakeskin, 
  • a panther, 
  • a tiger, 
  • a zebra,
  • a giraffe, 
  • plant motifs: leaves, multicoloured trees and colourful flowers. 

You can make jungle manicure in the same style on both hands, or vice versa, show a different element of exotic life on each fingernail. There are many possibilities. So, focus on top fashion design trends and prepare your nails for the really hot season!

See what wonders you can conjure up on jungle style nails. See how to make step-by-step jungle decorations on your nails:

What kind of styling fits the jungle nails?

The jungle and wildlife-inspired nail art really fit in with both your everyday styling and big outing. They add character to subdued styles with uniform colours, and those fancier, they add a predatory look. The jungle-style nails impress with their colour and form palette. From minimalistic, consistent colours to patterned, full of colours, different textures and motifs. 

Everything really depends on what we feel good about and what effect we want to achieve. Experiment and give your hands a unique charm! Jungle style manicure will be a great complement to your style and will surely be noticed. The decorations worked out in every detail, are small works of art that will delight you!

Which jungle motif on your nails will you choose?

Jungle manicure can be inspired by both wildlife – animals and flora straight from the rainforest. Depending on your taste and preferences, you can select brown and beige spots of the wild cat, geometric patterns resembling snakeskin or predatory, tiger-like patterns. Flowers and green leaves are also beautiful, with decorative elements. The jungle nail art on one fingernail, surrounded by the others in a uniform colour, also looks gorgeous. The decorations in the jungle nails can also be enriched with Svarovski crystals, transfer foil or glitter, which are very popular in Indigo Nails Studio by Sara

How to match jungle design to your nails?

By choosing a jungle-style manicure, you can use the entire colour palette.  The shades of brown, grey, claret, deep purple, navy blue, black, as well as pink or neon colours, are in fashion. Before you choose the jungle motif, think about whether you’re planning on attending a party shortly or whether it will complement your everyday styling. If you’re having trouble making a decision, please contact us – Sara has a lot of experience in jungle nail art and will undoubtedly help you choose the best solution! The result will amaze you and make you love jungle nails as much as we do!