How to take care of your hands and nails in the spring?

Everyone who pays special attention to his or her image knows how important it is to have correctly cared hands. It is worth taking care of them, especially after the winter, when with spring our whole body is reviving and regenerating. 


Beautiful and well-groomed hands in spring

Apart from such obvious things as wearing gloves during household chores, it is also worth remembering about such aspects as applying the cream after each wash of hands. It’s also worth to peel at least once a week – depending on the level of skin hydration, it can be an enzymatic peeling (without abrasive particles) or coarse-grained. 

Besides, it is worth going to a specialist from time to time, especially when winter ends – then the skin needs special care because it is dry by frost and wind. 


Paraffin treatment to protect your hands

One of the most popular hand treatments for ladies is the one using paraffin. It can be applied to both hands and feet. It moisturizes effectively and for a long time, and the scent of paraffin in cosmetics is now almost imperceptible, due to the addition of other, often natural fragrances.


Softening treatments – take care of your hands and nails before the manicure

Before the manicure, we recommend a treatment to soften the skin. This is a real SPA for hands – their skin becomes smooth, soft, without discolouration and much better absorb nourishing preparations. Besides, after this type of treatment, nails become much stronger and less exposed to mechanical damage. Thanks to this, the manicure holds on much longer. 


Hand mask – a spring breath of freshness

The hand creams offered in Indigo Nails by Sara Tomczyk are real vitamin and nutritional bombs. Thanks to them, the skin of your hands will not only regain a healthy colour but also become soft. It is a dream treatment for the skin tired of cold weather. Their carefully refined composition will undoubtedly make your hands beautiful and well cared for in the spring.

Shea butter also has an amazing effect. It soothes, accelerates healing and regeneration of the skin, is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, helps to smooth and make the skin more elastic. Shea butter like Love Story, Femme Fatale or Bloom Gold will boost up your nail growth, make free edge whiter, regenerates and nourishes the nail plate. You will see the results just after few applications. This treatment is recommended especially after hybrid, gel or acrylic manicure.


Beautiful hands and nails – take care of them in the spring!

Each of us is different – this also applies to our hands’ skin. Therefore, it is worth to adjust the care to the condition of the epidermis. For this purpose, you should go to a specialist who will precisely define the skin’s needs and select a package of treatments that will be most suited to the current state of your hands. Remember that they are your calling card! Take care of them according to the recommendations of your cosmetician or cosmetologist.