Do you remember from childhood how great the colour palette in the kaleidoscope looked? Or maybe you liked to see the world through the prism of multi-coloured slides? If so, then you must discover the GLASS nail polish series from Indigo! They will make your manicure look stunning!

GLASS Indigo nail polish collection – what makes them so unique?

Nail polish from GLASS collection appeared in Indigo’s offer some time ago. It immediately took over the hearts of original manicure lovers. What distinguishes them from other nail polishes? Transparency! Yes, exactly – the entire colour palette of the GLASS series allows you to create a translucent glass effect on your nails!

Indigo offers ten GLASS nail polishes from the autumn-winter collection and five from the summer collection. Each of them is unique, full of charm, allowing us to create a fantastic manicure. Which one of them is most appealing to you? Nail polish in the shade of subdued black, bottle green, fuchsia, yellow or maybe turquoise? See how great they look. Which one do you choose? Get inspired by sample nail styles and create your own unique look for every occasion!

Unique manicure with the GLASS Indigo nail polish series

With the GLASS nail polish collection, you will create amazing effects on your hands! Go crazy with the transparent nail polishes from the Glass collection from Indigo! Change their saturation with each layer to see how many nail design options they offer. Because of its transparent character, the nail polishes do not provide 100% coverage and their saturation changes with the application of subsequent layers. See how great they look!

So don’t wait for astronomical summer to come and go crazy today! Let the manicure made with GLASS nail polish highlight your mood, character and styling. You can choose to style your nails in a transparent version, with decoration, as well as ombre. The effects are breath-taking, literally! See what results of nail design can be achieved with GLASS Indigo nail polish:

Indigo Glass Collection hybrid nail polishes will guarantee you:

  • A vibrant, beautiful colour palette,
  • The ideal consistency, so your nails will look very elegant,
  • Durability – they do not chip off and retain their original qualities for a long time,
  • Fast curing time – only 20 seconds.

So don’t wait a moment and try the GLASS Indigo collection on your nails! WOW effect guaranteed!