French Bling – a classic in an unusual way

French manicure has been a trendsetter for years and has fans all over the world. No wonder – this manicure is very elegant, adds class to our hands. Now we present it to you in a slightly bolder version – french bling.

All you have to know about french manicure

The french manicure style is a timeless classic that never goes out of fashion and is perfect for any occasion. It fits both everyday stylizations and special occasions – weddings, company banquets, parties. French manicure can be made with any technique, depending on the needs and requirements of the ladies, but one of the most popular and durable is the gel manicure. This form of nail art requires precision and experience. Every detail is important, and that is why it is worth going to an experienced beautician if we want to get the best effect on our nails.

French Bling products in the Indigo offer

The offer of the well-known and valued brand Indigo includes many products that are perfect for making gel french manicure as well as for french bling. One of the most popular is Easy Shape Cover. The product has a universal, fleshy colour with good pigmentation, which matches any complexion colour. In addition, Easy Shape Cover gel has a specific texture of fluffy pudding, which does not move from place to place and allows to apply the product on the whole hand.

Other Indigo products that can be successfully used for french bling are dots in gold, silver and light gold colours, caviar in rose gold, gold, light gold, silver and dark silver colour palette. Also noteworthy are the crushed shells, which add french bling manicure incredible charm. In Indigo you will find these decorations elements in colours: violet, cream, turquoise grey, turquoise, peach, orange, pink, graphite, pistachio and light crimson. We also recommend foils and glitter for french bling.

What kind of styling fits the french bling manicure?

French bling manicure can be very striking, eye-catching, and also keep a little more subdued. You can, therefore, choose the manicure style to match your everyday outfit – for work or college or for a party or banquet with more decorative elements.

See how great it looks:

French bling manicure will definitely give your hands a unique charm and class. Go crazy with stylization – let your femininity be emphasized in an original way!