Every woman who dreams of beautiful and well-groomed nails should this season choose an extremely fashionable trend – animal print. Patches and stripes, colourful, black and white or in shades of beige and brown. There are really many possibilities. So, it is worth to focus on fashionable design and prepare your nails for the really hot trend!

Animal print on the nails – where does this trend come from?

Animal prints returned to fashion last year. Women first liked python boots promoted among others by Chloe, then pulled out tiger stripes from the wardrobe. Then, with the beginning of 2019, they also start to wear these patterns on nails. And what’s important, there’s no sign that this fashion trend is about to change! Every woman who wants to be seen as a fashion icon should, therefore, opt for a similar style.

What kind of stylizations do animal-designed nails fit in with?

Nail art inspired by the animal world really fits all styles. From minimalist, colour-matched clothes to patterned, full of colours and various textures and patterns. Everything depends on what we feel good about and what effect we want to achieve. After all, every woman has many faces! Sometimes it is worth experimenting with your our appearance and even through such a tiny element as nails, give the styling a unique and extraordinary character.

Patches, stripes or spots – which motif do you choose?

Animal nail prints are inspired by nature. Black and white zebra stripes, brown and beige spots of snow leopard, giraffes, geometric patterns or tigers, predatory patterns. All these designs can appear on our nails without much effort, and the effect will undoubtedly be captivating! Hands with a predatory motif in one of the nail, as well as those with additional decorations – brocade or glitter – are very impressive. Here are a few suggestions for the really up-to-date wildlife nail art trends:

  • Panther nails
    The panther nail motif is highly appreciated by women and fashionable all year round. It is enough to adjust the colour palette of the nail polish to the season. In spring and summer, you can put on pastels and neon signs, in winter on cool shades, and in autumn you can choose brown and beige nails. Panther nails, combined with a black element, also present extremely great. Gloss or matt – every option will be lovely.
  • Zebra nails
    Zebra nails are an ideal solution for women who like black and white colour combinations. This is an exquisite and timeless trend. The modern version of the zebra motif can also be achieved by painting glossy stripes on a matt nail polish. In this combination, you can use practically any nail polish colour as a base and adjust it to your mood, time of the day or season.
  • Giraffe nails
    Panthers, cheetahs, tigers, zebras – why not add a giraffe to this list? The giraffe’s motif looks particularly attractive in a combination of beige and bronze, bronze and silver or gold, claret and gold. Such a nail print will add femininity and predation to each of us.

How to match the colour of the animal print to your nails?

When choosing an animal prints motif on your nails, in the autumn edition, you should choose different shades of brown, grey, claret, deep purple, navy blue. In winter, change the nail polish colours to snow and pearl white or frosty grey. In spring and summer, we can afford more contrasting and lively colours. Remember that animal nail prints match both the everyday office styling and the big event. They perfectly emphasize feminine character and add coquettish charm. Try one of them on your nails! You won’t be regret!