All you need to know about the male manicure

Gentlemen are becoming more and more eager to take care of their beauty, including properly groomed nails. Men’s manicure is an increasingly popular procedure, which is used by men of almost all ages. After all, well-groomed men’s hands are an essential element of the image not only presented in personal life, but also in business.

Beautiful hands and nails are the business card of a gentleman

Many men treat men’s manicures as unnecessary, preferring a thoughtful hairstyle or beard styling. However, image specialists still point out that well-groomed hands are not only a sign of a sense of style but also of professionalism.

Manicurists emphasize that men performing physical work also report to beauty salons, unfortunately, mainly before going out on a special occasion – for example, their own wedding. Much more often, managers, people working in banks, trade, etc. use the services of specialists.


The beauty industry for gentlemen

Recently, many beard styling products, face creams, lotions, shampoos and shaving preparations have appeared on the market. In turn, cosmetics dedicated to the care of men’s hands, such as peelings or creams, for example, are much less common. Perhaps that’s why some men don’t know about their existence and don’t often visit beauty salons and buy products for men’s hands. 

For many men, the scent of hand cosmetics used in beauty parlours is also problematic. However, there is absolutely nothing to fear! Manufacturers provide such a wide range of cosmetics dedicated to hand care that everyone will undoubtedly find the perfect fragrance and cosmetics for themselves. There are more and more products with a neutral scent and matte structure, which are completely unnoticeable on the hands. On a turn, those men who care about the effect of freshness will like cosmetics with a delicate fragrance note based on typically male ingredients.


Step by step male manicure

A manicure procedure performed for gentlemen usually takes about 30 minutes. It starts with a conversation to examine the client’s needs. Only then can the other activities begin.

  1. First of all, you need to take care of hygiene. Please wash your hands thoroughly, disinfect them and wear gloves.
  2. Then you can move on to the next stages of the male manicure: soaking hands in a special bath that softens the skin and nails, pushing back or cutting the cuticles, clean the cuticle with Indigo Nail Bit Cuticle 1, trimming the nails and shape them.
  3. Next step is to smooth uneven nail surface with a buffer.
  4. The final stage is to finish the manicure. There are two options – either to cover the nails with a matt nail polish that strengthens and nourishes them or to polish them and give them a discreet shine. A good option is also to apply Shea Butter Omnia on nails and cuticles. Thanks to specially selected fragrances, the Omnia series smells really masculine! Please also remember to apply on hands Omnia Hand Cream. This product is a perfect complement to the male manicure and for sure will delight any man who cares about his appearance.

See how a men’s manicure is done in practice:


Gentlemen – take care of your hands!

Well-groomed hands not only catch the women’s attention but also add such necessary confidence. Besides, in the era when the image is so important, it is worth taking care of one’ appearance, even in terms of hands. They are a showcase of a modern man and every businessman.

We invite you to Indigo Nails salon by Sara Tomczyk both for a male manicure, as well as for advice on professional nail care. We assure you that our individual approach to the customer and high-quality preparations used during treatments will make taking care of your hands a real pleasure!